Is Georgia a Tax-Friendly State for Retirement

The short answer is – Yes! Even though the total state and local tax burden in Georgia is 16th highest in the nation, if you are a retiree in the Peach State the tax situation is a far more inviting story :

  • Retirement income for people over 62 is exempt up to $35,000 per person
  • Beginning in 2012 all non-working income will be exempt (See Governor signs relief for retired people).
  • Social security income is exempt.
  • Property tax collections are below the national average.
  • There are a variety of property tax homestead exemptions at the state and local level, based on income and age.

For more information on taxes go the Georgia Department of Revenue; or for Georgia property taxes.


Other Georgia Tax Facts:

Georgia top marginal income tax rate is 6.0% (which kicks in at a low $7,000), the lowest is 1%. State sales tax is 4.0%, although some cities have additional sales taxes.


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